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We structure, design, manage, provide and build office, hotel, storage, industrial parks and housing real estate projects which are friendly with the environment and which make sustainability become profitability, thus generating benefits and profits for our customers, investors, owners and users.

A professional and interdisciplinary team certified in LEED®, AP, and Green Associate, with experience in the fields of design, management, budget and building is responsible for generating the best product according with the needs of the customers based on the integral analysis of the financial, legal, and commercial aspects of the business as well as on the coordination of technical resources, the capital and the availability of land. 


Our architecture and engineering team is made up by excellent professionals all credited by LEED® AP and Green Associate, offers the creativity, innovation and commitment with the environment in the development of your projects.

Through our integrated design and based on the profound knowledge obtained from participating in the different stages of each project, we generate value and respond to the needs of the investor, owner, operator and user in a environment friendly way in order to achieve excellence in the design and optimize the resources.

We see to the design needs in urban, architectural and interior programs in commerce, industry and housing throughout the country.

We develop the projects with an integral vision based on the in-depth knowledge and expertise we have obtained from participating in the entire chain of value of the business and thus provide all the services for the development of the Project, from its conceptualization until the delivery and operation. 


Focusing on the needs of our customers, we coordinate and efficiently administer the development of each Project, based on an integrated management process that decreases costs, saves time and generates benefits for investors and users as well as for the environment.

Our highly qualified team has the experience and career to meet the administrative, economic, technical, financial, commercial and legal needs of customers during each stage of the Project.

We are committed to guaranteeing the owners and/or investors the execution of the projects in accordance with the established specifications, within the budget, time and quality required by them. 


We build commercial and residential projects that are friendly with the environment, based on building techniques that avoid the deterioration of the ecosystem and have the Contempo Green & Gold Business Eco-nomy seal.

Our building professionals seek the obtaining of high quality products, innovation and an excellent cost-benefit relation, supervising and administrating the detail of every Project that we build.

Each development is done through the delegated administration model, thus benefiting our customers of the scale economy of the business. 


For more than 40 years, the greatest interest of our company has been the legacy that we can leave to future generations, therefore our residential Project consume less energy, water and adequately manage wasted thereby benefiting the environment and decreasing the monthly utility costs for the families who live in our projects.

We offer planet friendly projects that respond to the current needs of the market, putting together aspects of design, quality, elegance and sustainability in order to achieve an integral and differential product.